What Happened To Sky On Black Ink Crew

What Happened To Sky On Black Ink Crew

What Happened To Sky On Black Ink Crew?

Many of you may have noticed back in February Black Ink Crew New York has been a little on the flat side since the crazy @ss Sky has NOT been seen on the VH1 series since February.

If you recall, Sky had an EXPLOSIVE blow out with her son Des that crossed many lines according to producers. Sky has been removed from Black Ink Crew New York since then. Read on…


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CelebNReality247.com goes on to say that Sky resides in Miami and every once in a while you will see some glimpse of conversation between Ceaser Emanuel and Sky.

Back in February, it was reported Black Ink Crew OG star, Sky Days had fans of the series talking about what went down between Sky and her son Des.

Things got s bad that her son Des is now regretting that he ever got close to Sky.

During the scene, Des apologized to Sky for what led to their fallout. But the conversation then went left after Sky told him a young lady sent her a DM saying Des impregnated her.

How Sky Crossed The Line of Motherhood:

Sky NEEDS to realize that she was NOT there for many of the important years for her son Des. She has to understand that it’s NOT just about her coping with being a mom to her son. It also deal with Des learning how to deal with his real mother. It’s was a HUGE step for both of them, but Sky was in the wrong telling Des that she should have aborted him. She went off on Des for stealing.

Sky ended up suspended by producers of the show for the incident that took place. Tattoo parlor owner Ceaser Emanuel said it “It spiraled out of control and people got hurt.” One of the producers added that they “won’t allow s–t to go down like this.” Prior to Des entering Sky’s home in the season’s trailer for the premiere, he came into the situation thinking that everything would be all good. From that point, it looked like Sky didn’t want anything to do with him.

Following the incident with her son Des back in February Sky got petty and took it to social media saying:

What Happened To Sky On Black Ink Crew

Since then many viewers have a lot of opinions in regards to her relationships with her sons. As of now, she’s not in a good place with Des or Genesis. In fact, both her sons have taken to social media to blast Sky. And they feel as if she just used them for a storyline on the show.

But Sky got a lot of backlash after she nearly came to blows with Des on the latest season. And Des broke down in tears over the things Sky said to him during that heated moment.

When Des relayed the conversation to Ceaser, he broke down in tears. He regrets letting his guard down with Sky and being “naive” about having a great relationship with her.

Will Sky be returning to the VH1 series?

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