Teen Mom 3 Star Hospitalized

Breaking News from the Teen Mom camp after word leaked that Mackenzie McKee, 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 3 Star Hospitalized for diabetic complications!!!

CelebNReality247.com has the scary details on Mackenzie Mckee and her almost fatal complication….

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According to reports Mackenzie McKee‘s mom and husband Josh rushed her to a hospital Wednesday night near their home in Miami, Oklahoma.

The Teen Mom 3 star was violently throwing up all night. We’re told Mackenzie discovered her blood sugar was “dangerously high” after testing with a home kit last night.

In regards to Mckee’s health, they decided she needed to get to a hospital around 10 PM. As for Mackenzie, she is still there, and doctors are trying to stabilize Mackenzie’s sugar levels.


Mackenzie has been training and dieting to compete in her next figure competition and that could have been a factor.

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Mackenzie has had trouble controlling her blood sugar in the past … she claims it caused a car accident last year, via TMZ.

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