5 Things We Learned From Leave It To Stevie

5 Things We Learned From Leave It To Stevie

Tonight on Leave It To Stevie we learned that Stevie J is one talented man, his son needs to learn daddy’s Sleazo skills. Alexis Branch previews her new music in her debut showcase, which we previously reported!!!

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First, Leave it to Stevie kicks off with Stevie J saying how he can’t wait to see Faith Evans, who will only be in Atlanta for 12 hours. Stevie J is still missing his lady

Here are the 5 Things We Learned From Leave It To Stevie:

Steven Jordan Jr tries to hit on a vivacious waitress in front of his sister and he fails miserably. So, Daddy Stevie J shows him how it’s done. Stevie J decides to take his son for pick up lessons at the gym. Stevie J takes gives his son a few pointers on how to win over the ladies with a little sleazy.

Next on Leave it to Stevie, his daughter, Savannah finds out that Faith is coming to town so she tells her Stevie J that she wants to chaperone his date. Kind of like, payback for what he did to her date.  Stevie agrees to spend time with Faith. Savannah and Sade have a blast crafting with Faith. She also likes how Stevie gets all hot and bothered she’s not paying him enough attention.

Then, Alexis Branch, Stevie’s signed artist is debuting solo in a showcase. The band who she rehearsed with gets stuck in Chicago due to bad weather. So Stevie, shows how talented he truly is by playing all the instruments on stage so Alexis can sing as if the band was there.

What you didn’t see is Stevie’s dog Seven is a chick magnet. While out on a walk, Stevie attracts lots of attention from women who think his pup is adorable