Althea Hart Put on Blast by Iyanla.

Althea Hart Put on Blast by Iyanla.

Former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Althea Hart just got served by Iyanla.

Recently, she was on Iyanla Fix My Life, but when it came time to say why she was on the show she had nothing to say. Read on for the tea spill… reports, that Iyanla asks Althea Hart why did she want to be on Reality TV?

Althea Hart had no response, so Iyanla called her out a fame whore stating that she is only on her show to be back in front of the camera.

Althea gets upset and claims that she was called to be on the show and that she wants things to be better.

Once Iyanla gets under her skin, Althea finally has a breakthrough and breaksdown.

She wants people to know her for her talent and music and not how she was portrayed on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

The only problem is that Althea could be honest enough to own the reason why she was arrested after her domestic assault with her ex husband Benzino.

Iyanla asks why is she posting on Instagram during filming the show. She claims that she didn’t remember anyone telling her no posting on Instagram. Althea fires back saying that the questions are hard. Iyanla makes it clear that Althea is just on her show to be on another reality series. She is NOT here to heal, Althea is just using Fix My Life show for fame.

Althea denies it all.

Why Althea Hart doesn’t Get it:

Iyanla asks where has your talent taking you?

All Althea could talk about is her material things and not what he talent has done for her.

Iyanla tells her that she made a fool of herself. She says its NOT reality TV, its all delusions of yourself and how you handled your artistry. She wants her to be truthful but Althea doesn’t get it.

Whats the price you paid for reality TV?

Althea said “I lost friends,” but when it came to day three, Althea decided NOT to return Iyanla Fix My Life.

Iyanla point is made that all Althea wanted was validation by being on another reality TV show.

Following the show, Althea went back to posting on Instagram to her fans:

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