Fight Starts After Nya Lee Rips Mariahlynn Mom

Mariahlynn Attacks Nya Lee

Nya Lee loves to be that bitch, but she doesn’t realize that so does

After a heated debate over her confession of love about Rich Dollaz, Nya Lee get into once again with Mariahlynn. Read on… reports that Mariahlynn and Nya try to discuss the situation that went down at Johnathan’s wine picnic getaway that went sideways.

Nina Parker tries to get to the bottom of things between the ladies, but she can’t make any headway since these two get into a yelling match.

Things escalate quickly when Mariahlynn tries to explain why she walked away from a tense situation with Nya Lee, but she ain’t hearing it.

Nya starts taking more jabs at Mariahlynn and that is when the Love & Hip Hop 9 reunion needs security to break these two up.

Nya says one thing about Mariahlynn’s mom and she is ready to throw down.

Whose coming for who bitch?

Let’s recap the fight between MariahLynn and Nya Lee that goes head to head at Johnathan’s picnic.

After Mariah pulls at the right strings to piss on Lee, she gets gully.

Nya Lee loses it and has a meltdown because she is so mad that she let the women at the picnic take her there.

Johnathan tries to calm her down. The new Nya can’t control the old Nya Lee.


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