Amara La Negra Spills Tea on Safaree and JuJu

Amara La Negra Spills Tea on Safaree and JuJu

Love and Hip Hop Miami star Amara La Negra is probably the most talked about cast member from the new series when it comes to identity, hair and staying true to one self.

However, Amara La Negra sometimes forgets she is on National TV and spills too much tea. Take for instance her recent visit to The REAL, Amara spilled major tea and last nights Love and Hip Hop 8 reunion confirmed it. Read on…

Amara La Negra Spills Tea on Safaree and noticed there was two people on the Love and Hip Hop 8 reunion Pt 1 matching in yellow. It was Safaree and Cam’Ron’s ex JuJu.

The whole season Safaree Samuels has been talking about getting with the right woman, someone who supports his dreams, desires and who is his equal. His mother told him that she is tired of the THOTs and wants to see her son with a real woman.

If you recall, Safaree was dating Dreamdoll at the start of the season, but after he decided to work with MariahLynn, Dreamdoll got petty and demanding. The decision was easy for Samuels, he just bounced right out of her life.

Then, he was cast in JuJu’s play, and when he got word she was single, he went for it. Safaree was smart though, he was there for JuJu during her breakup and supported her during her lows.

Last week, Safaree has been all the talk after his anaconda was surfaced in a video thanks to social media. Samuels came forward a few days later admitting it was him in the video. He also said he wasn’t fully erect at the time, which explains the sex mold offers that have been flooding in. This means he’s way past a foot long and more like a 13″ Kielbasa.

Ladies, who wouldn’t want a dildo of Safaree Samuels at home for those lonely nights? We’re NOT too sure if JuJu would be pleased about it though.

Fast forward to now,  JuJu and Safaree’s friendship has been growing and according to Amara La Negra it’s blossomed into a full blow relationship.

One Twitter follower noticed the same thing we did and asked the question?

“So nobody peeped that JuJu and Safaree came to the reunion matching?”

The reveal came after the ladies of the talk show were speaking on potential pairings for Amara. When Safaree’s name was brought up, Amara chimed in by saying that Safaree was already taken by her friend, JuJu.

Leave it to JuJu’s Dominican sister Amara to spill the tea, and she did it on The Real. Girrrrrl!!!!!

#AmaraLaNegra slipped up about #Juju and #Safare ??

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Take a look at Love and Hip Hop 8 Reunion Pt 2 next week, when they open up about their relationship.: