Moniece Slaughter Makes Shocking Wish About AD

Moniece Slaughter Makes Shocking Wish About AD

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Moniece Slaughter is always trying to make headlines and she has totally done it this time. Moniece decided to celebrate her 31st birthday in a very revealing way in AD’s arms.

Moniece Slaughter and her girlfriend AD tried to break the internet with a extreme ‘girl love’ nude photo. Read on…

Moniece Slaughter Makes Shocking Wish About was shocked to see this photo, and then we felt to question Moniece Slaughter because she has a child.

Moniece Slaughter is proud and out with AD these days, so she posted the photo above with these words:

“It’s my 31st birthday. Just gonna sit this right here. ???? swipe left ?? for inspiration. There’s really not much to say bro ??? @diggthekicks you definitely did good with this idea ?#nodisrespecttotheOGs”

What will he son think of his mommy fully naked and held in the arms of her partner AD?

We also are wondering what Lil Fizz thinks of this?

Moniece Slaughter and Fizz have been going at it ever since he and AD’s ex bestie Tiffany Campbell started dating. We are not sure if Mo and AD are just trying to piss of Fizz and Tiffany, but we can say they look like they’re having a great time in their birthday suits.

Let’s not forget, Tiffany strongly believes that Moniece is not a lesbian. We beg to differ, she’s been strictly eating pie for over a year or more. If that doesn’t spell lesbian, we think this photo will solidify her doubts.

We had to cover up AD since she was sporting some serious and disturbing camel toe. Not a good look, it just makes your eyes go right to it in the photo. Instead, we cover it with this beautiful yellow star.

The big news is that Moniece wishes she and AD get engaged: