Apryl Jones: J Boog + Omarion’s Mom Alleged Had Sex

Apryl Jones: J Boog + Omarion's Mom Alleged Had Sex

Apryl Jones: J Boog + Omarion’s Mom Alleged Had Sex!

During the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 6 reunion Apryl Jones DROPPED an explosive bomb about J Boog. Read on to get the tea spill on J Boog and Omarion’s Mom

CelebNRelity247.com reports that Lil Fizz’s girlfriend tried to deflect the wave of drama crashing on her so she turned it on J Boog.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Apryl Jones made some shocking accusations accusing B2K member J Boog, of sleeping with Omarion‘s mother, Leslie Burrell.

Jones started in on Boog after he questioned her relationship with Omarion’s former best friend and B2K bandmate Fizz.

Apryl spilled some major tea:

There were other relationships happening [with B2K members] and members of Omarion’s family.

So far Omarion, B2Ks star and successful solo artist, seems unbothered by the Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones relationship. It’s not clear whether he will feel the same about J Boog’s alleged relationship with his mom.

Do you feel that Fizz broke the “bro code?”

Are you a fan of Fizz and Apryl Jones dating or do you feel she is more of a pass around chick?

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