Atlanta Housewives LaToya Ali TRIES Drew Sidora

Atlanta Housewives LaToya Ali TRIES Drew Sidora

Atlanta Housewives LaToya Ali TRIES Drew Sidora!

Tonight on the Real Housewives of Atlanta we learned nothing has changed when it comes to new mommy Kenya Moore and her new gal pay LaToya Ali. Read on to to see how LaToya Ali TRIES Drew Sidora… has the latest tea spill from tonight’s RHOA during the beach trip to South Carolina.

Last week, we learned that Kenya Moore took a private jet with LaToya Ali and put the other ladies in a transport bus with a broken air conditioner.

They finally arrived at the Isle of Palms — eight hours after leaving Atlanta in their sprinter van — for the girl’s getaway only to get bothered by LaToya.

This week, LaToya Ali proved she is messier than Kenya Moore. Once the ladies got to the house all tipsy, she got a bit t touchy with Drew.

When Porsha Williams’ friend Falynn, said I’m staying next door since “I brought my husband,” because he is her “best friend.”. LaToya voiced her two cents “Shut up with the ‘aww’! You could’ve made a best friend on this trip.” So Drew defended Falynn saying “don’t listen to her. She doesn’t care about husbands. Aww.”

It was just wrong!

Things got more heated when Drew was checking out Kandi Burruss’ room, the tension quickly escalated, with LaToya grabbing Drew’s wrist and bringing up the actress’ marriage to Ralph Pittman.

Then, the Canadian YouTuber asked:

Drew, can we talk about your struggling husband?

Drew fired back:

You don’t know nothing about my struggling husband, though.

Drew Sidora was ready to beat a b-tch down because she’s from Chicago.

She said, walking out of the room:

The last bitch that grabbed me found her head rammed in a damn gate. Don’t f— with me. I’m from Chicago, bitch. She grabbed my wrist twice, three times,” she said to some of her castmates.

In a confessional, Drew told cameras:

One thing you will not do, girl, is ever, ever put your hands on me.” She added that she “was already on alert with LaToya’s comments about my wig. But now this? You do not violate that right to come in someone’s personal space, let alone put your hands on them.

Though she apologized, it didn’t appear to be sincere, as LaToya seemed to make yet another dig at Drew’s wig.

Cynthia Bailey had to tell LaToya Ali she was wrong and that you just don’t touch people you don’t know. It’s violating.

The next day, while sitting by the pool with Cynthia, Kandi and Marlo Hampton, LaToya revealed that she had purchased and brought a “custom wig” for Drew, a gift she said was “coming from like, a good place.”

The Feud between LaToya and Drew just Got Worse:

“So I know there have been a few conversations about Drew’s wig. It wasn’t tacked down, the lace wasn’t plucked and stuff,” she said, clarifying she wasn’t “being shady.”

LaToya told Drew directly:

It was fake of me for not saying it to your face, you know what I’m saying? And I apologize for that. I want to go ahead and purchase a wig for you, and I want to get it plucked, and you know, secured correctly.

Drew, who had a gift of her own for LaToya, grabbed a photo of herself and a pen.

She said:

I’m really happy to hear that you watch me so closely, it’s really sweet. But I get my wigs from the top stylist in Hollywood, so no offense, but yeah, probably won’t wear it. You know what? I got you something.

Drew continued:

So everyone’s been telling me about this wig that you were going to bring me, and you’ve been so concerned about my wig. When I first met you, you didn’t like me because of Drew Sidora from The Game. Then I was like, ‘Okay, she’s watching me.’ So I feel like you’re my biggest fan.