Bambi Shimmer Tip; How To Be Day Party Ready

Bambi Shimmer Tip; How To Be Day Party Ready

We love Bambi from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta!  She’s really doing great with her new YouTube channel, Shimmer Life TV, which we told you about, now we have a Bambi Shimmer Tip; How To Be Day Party Ready!!!

Flip and get helpful Bambi Shimmer Tips inside…

Bambi Shimmer Tip; How To Be Day Party Ready support Lil Scrappy’s fiance Bambi and her YouTube channel, Shimmer Life TV where Bambi shares tips on how you can be ready to party all day and still slay!

The Bam posted a new video about “How To Be Day Party Ready” during the summer when you get those last-minute invites or text to come to a pool party.

She says first and foremost you need to feel and look fresh.

How does she accomplish that?

Simple she has 5  shimmer tricks inside her purse, which you might call the girlfriends slay pack!

When you are out this summer and want to SLAY no matter where you are, especially if you’re heading to a “Day Party.” What you need to have are the following items:

1 – You NEED to have a compact, preferably one that has shimmer.

2 – Next, make sure to have the MAC Prep + Prime mist

3 – MAC mineralized skin finish (gold deposit bronzer) – apply to your checks to give shimmer.

4 – Kiehl’s Creme de Corps facial moisturizer with sunscreen

5 – IRIS colors Touch of Heaven lip gloss

There you have it. Make sure to have these 5 items in a small bag in your purse so they’re easy assessable at all times. Watch as Bambi digs into her MCM purse to share these products with you!


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