Moniece Slaughter Writes Sky about Motherhood

moniece slaughter

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Moniece Slaughter Writes and open letter to Black Ink Crew Sky about Motherhood and the recent SHADE from Rah Ali!!!

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moniece slaughter caught wind that after seeing the Sky vs Rah Ali Smack Down episode of Black Ink Crew, Moniece Slaughter wrote a heartfelt letter supporting Sky.

Moniece can relate to Sky obviously since she’s had her own drama dealing with others while she worked hard at juggling her career and motherhood wrote this letter. Moniece also made sure fans know that she does NOT know Sky at all.

The letter reads as follows:

“Dear Queen,

I do not know you. I have not met you. I only know that I saw your pain. I felt your agony. I identify with the inner turmoil.  The decisions we are faced with as mothers are never going to be easy. Part of maturity is correcting the mistakes. Not repeating the mistakes. The choice you made to give the boys up for adoption was what was best for them. Their well being. Their development. Their safety. And your sanity. It takes a real woman to realize, that while they themselves were not mistakes; the circumstances under which you chose to have them were not ideal. Maybe you felt like choosing to have them when you did, was the mistake. Maybe so. But your admission and recognition that letting them go so they could be who they were meant to be was the first step in the right direction. it takes courage that most don’t have, to look within and admit to your short comings. But it beats the alternative of living in denial, neglecting the children, and sabotaging their futures…

…That was the ultimate sacrifice. To see them now reaching their maximum potential must be rewarding. They have that chance because you were able to see past yourself and do what was best for them. That’s what mothers do. We do what needs to be done. Not what we want to do. You are no less of a mother. You are worthy. You are deserving. we all fall from grace. We all fall short. But without His mercy, we can not recover. You are covered. You are favored. You are blessed. He makes no mistakes. You were the vessel that was used by the man upstairs, to deliver those boys into the hands of destiny. So wipe those tears. Hold your head up high. Walk in purpose and divinity. Push through. They’re watching. Now make them proud that YOU are indeed their MOTHER! @flyyytattedsky”

Sky happily responded to Moniece, saying:

“Thank you for your words of encouragement??”

Photo/Source: Instagram