Benzino No Longer Locked Up; He’s Home On Bail

Benzino Reportedly Home Not On Lock-Down

Benzino No Longer Locked Up; He’s Home On Bail!

We previously reported that Benzino was arrested this week for attacking Althea Heart’s new man. Then we learned that Zino’s anger spilled behind bars because he reportedly got into a fight with another inmate.

We had learned that Zino was sent to the infirmary and put on a 24-hour-lock-down, but that information was incorrect.  Moments ago, Benzino posted this on social media as he is seen leaving the jail on bail.

Yes, we said it here first, Benzino no longer locked up, he is out of jail on bail and back at home. Read on… reports first that Benzino is no longer in jail. The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is now home and you can see his hand is wrapped.

The news about Benzino getting in a fight is true, but he did not get sent to the infirmary and put on 24-hour lockdown. Nope, he made bail and went home.

Zino writes:

Don’t got too much to say other than I’m home and God is good. Just know there’s another side to@the story and I’ll be addressing mine at a later time. I love you @chavo @coileray @3tankaa and Zino Shout out to partner @twin_moneyman love bro and thanks @hitmansteviej_1 @yimean_vo @ilovemyfiends I’m tired and gotta get up early for court. Thank you to all@my supporters ??

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