Bianca Bonnie Pops Mariah Lynn and Snatches Her Wig

Bianca Bonnie Pops Mariah Lynn and Snatches Her Wig

It appears besties Mariah Lynn and Bianca Bonnie are now beefing!

Over the weekend Bianca Bonnie and Mariah Lynn turned on each other and now the tea is spilling. Read on…

Bianca Bonnie Pops Mariah Lynn and Snatches Her has got word via LHH who says that they heard “Bianca and Mariah Lynn got into it at a club” in Miami.

According to reports Bianca Bonnie and Mariah Lynn had a shouting match in a club and before you could bat an eye, Bianca yelled out and then things started flying.

The source says:

This shoe right here is Mariahlynn’s and Bianca tossed it over the balcony. She really held onto that shoe till the morning so she could pull a stunt. You wanna drag beef online for clout hmm? #LHH #LHHNY

More details surfaced from another source who states:

lmaoooo bianca beat mariahlynn ass last night. dragged ha out the club, got her weave and knocked her out her heels. im crineeee. thats what happens when you talk BIG shit with LIL hands lmao

We can bet this will be on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop in a couple months since they are currently filming Love & Hip Hop season 9.

What is even crazier is that Rich Dollaz got caught up in the middle of all this, but hey, it’s not messy enough for TV without Richie D up in the mix.

Bianca explains to Rich that Mariah just came up to the DJ booth and tried to set it off, so she popped her one and snatched her wig off.

Listen to what B has to say about the whole unnecessary incident:

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