Karlie Redd’s Fiancé Mo Fayne BUSTED

Karlie Redd's Fiancé Mo Fayne BUSTED

Back in June Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Karlie Redd revealed that she had a new man after she “split” with Sean Garrett, but that was never a real thing.

Karlie has had a rough ride to happily ever since she’s dated many dawgs like Yung Joc, Ceaser Emanuelle, Lyfe Jennings and the list goes on.

These days, Karlie Redd is happily engaged to her new hubby-to-be, Mo Fayne, but there could already be some trouble in paradise. Read on…

Karlie Redd's Fiancé Mo Fayne BUSTEDCelebNReality247.com is hearing that Karlie Redd was caught confronting a stripper over her new Fiancé Mo Fayne.

Apparently, Karlie Redd unleashed the ratchet on a Charlotte stripper since the reality star was recently caught getting into it via DMs with a Charlotte-based stripper named Candi Chanel.

According to the RUMOR MILL, her man to be Mo Fayne has been seeing Candi Chanel on the side behind her back.

The tea we are hearing is that Karlie allegedly suspected an affair between the two after seeing that Mo had sent Candi some funds via cash app, on her phone.

Bossip claims:

Karlie and Mo are fighting since he was BUSTED by the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta detective. No word on how much money it was, but we’re guessing it was a substantial enough amount to pique Karlie’s suspicion over who this woman is, and what her relationship is to Mo. Karlie asked her directly about the money, and after receiving no immediate response, flat out asked if the young lady was having sex with her man.

Why is Mo Fayne giving Candi Chanel money?

The site adds:

She says she doesn’t have a sexual relationship with Arkansas Mo, so what gives with the money from an engaged man? A source tells us that Mo was allegedly helping the young lady out with funds for the funeral proceedings of her godson, 18-year-old basketball player Miquase “Mikey” Corey Maddox, who was struck and killed by a passing vehicle while riding his bicycle home a few weekends back.

We’re not sure if all that was explained to “Ferrari Karlie,” because it appears that the conversation between her and Candi went SUPER LEFT very quickly:

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