Is BK Brasco Lying? Does Sierra Gates Looking Foolish?

Is BK Brasco Lying? Is Sierra Gates Looking Foolish?

Sierra Gates is falling in love with her chocolate hunk BK Brasco who admitted to using Love & Hip Hop as a platform for exposure. This week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Tommi Lee spilled some tea that Brasco has two other babies with another woman.

Sierra Gates did everything she could to keep her temper under control, but has she found herself another unfaithful man like Scooter? Read on…

Is BK Brasco Lying? Is Sierra Gates Looking Foolish? previous did some digging on BK Brasco who is like any man, he didn’t put all he babies in one egg, BK admitted to seeing another woman.

BK Brasco, whose real name is Romel Cummings, admitted to Yung Joc and the crew that he had another woman who was madly in love with him so now he has a choice. The Brooklyn, New York father of two kids took to social media to dispel the RUMORS on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Brasco says:

On my New York shit Siera Gate, she like them boys up top from BK ???? my ppl @nycdee1111 @i_ambourne #bkbrasco #lhhatl

Apparently, things are solid with Brasco and Sierra since he SHUT HER DOWN when she tried him about having two other kids. Brasco said there was a chick out there who was trying to claim he had babies with her, but she was stalking him. When he looked to the source, Tommie Lee, she quickly changed her tune.

That hasn’t stopped Karlie Redd from throwing herself in the middle of other peoples drama. Like Sheeda said on LHHATL, “she tends to annoy, but its coming from a good place.”

We have to laugh, why is Karlie doing an intervention looking like judge Judy in People’s Court. OMG, Karlie, we love you, but gurl, stop and ask Sierra first.

Sierra Gates is cool at the “intervention” because BK told her about Amber Priddy. She even admitts to knowing the dirt on her as well, but Romel said sh was a friend. He left out friend with benefits. On the flip if you noticed Amber also admits Brasco said Sierra was a “friend.” He is starting to sound like our ex who used “friend” all the time, which really meant FWB.

Take a look at Karlie digging up dirt (Amber Priddy BK’s FWB) BK dating a friend of Sierra’s: