BK Brasco Dropping New Music with a LHHA Cast Member?

BK Brasco Dropping New Music with Which LHHA Cast Member?

If you’re like Whaaaa? We feel Y’all on that one! Earlier today BK Brasco took to Instagram Live to show his fans that he’s in the studio working on new music.

If you recall, Tommie Lee was all about exposing Sierra Gates new man BK Brasco but we have some news that the two are in the studio. Meanwhile, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is close to coming to the finale, so we’re giving you the current tea. Read on…

BK Brasco Dropping New Music with Which LHHA Cast Member?CelebNReality247.com was NOT expecting to see Tommie Lee up in the spot with BK Brasco after Monday night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

It’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Tommie Lee who got into it with Spice on the last episode because she was three hours late to Spice video shoot.

Watch Tommie showing up three hours late for her music video shoot with Spice, and almost getting slapped back out the door by the Jamacian songstress.

As you can see in this video clip Spice don’t play LATE well, which quickly sparks concerns about Tommie’s alcohol use.  For more backstory click here…

If you recall, Tommie was mad unprofessional about it with a cup of wine in hand which infuriated Spice provoking her to knock it out of her hand and go off.

Fast forward to now, BK Brasco video shows himself singing his new song while Tommie Lee is in the corner twerking while lip-syncing over her lyrics. Apparently, BK and Tommie are on good terms despite her throwing him under the bus this week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.