Blac Chyna Baby 100% African American No Kardashian D Involved

Blac Chyna Spills Tea on Her Wedding + Pregnancy

We just got so much tea our tongue just got scorched by the heat we are hearing on Blac Chyna’s Baby, because there was NO Kardashian D involved???

Wait until you get the tea on Blac Chyna + her Baby being 100% African-American…

Blac Chyna

CelebNReality.247 has just learned of some gossip that has the Kardashian’s telling Rob “I told you so…!”

First let’s NOT forget that Rob Kardashian deleted all of Angela’s photos and now we have this tea being spilled!

OK, so here is the tea:

A ROCK SOLID snitch is claiming that America’s favorite couple, ok Kardashian fans favorite couple Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have called it QUITS since he learned the baby is NOT his!

According to the SNITCH, the UNBORN CHILD involved is NOT Rob’s since they decided to undergo a 4D ultrasound. It appears that the couple was CLEARLY able to see the baby’s face, and that the child appeared to be 100% African-American.

Maybe the baby has more of Chyna’s heritage, but apparently Rob is comparing his unborn baby to Kim and Kanye’s because she is so adorable. North has African-American features?

Well it caused a fight, and has him QUESTIONING whether he is in fact the father. He has broken it off with his FIANCE until the baby is born, and he can take a paternity test.

And yes, this drama is expected to make its way onto a REALITY TV SHOW.

Everyone knows you can’t make a hoe a housewife. Maury where are you when we need you? Could the baby be Future’s?

How will that play out with Ciara, if her ex has another kid with Blac Chyna? And will this throw Rob Kardashian back into binge eating?

Maybe Rob can have a milkshake and a burger to think about this.


What do you think of Rob Kardashian + Blac Chyna NOT having a drop of Kardashian in them?