Phaedra Parks Office Almost BOMBED by Scorned Man

Phaedra Parks

Former rapper Drama tried to take out Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks Office with EXPLOSIVES according to Atlanta Police!?!

Flip and get all the shocking details on what almost happened to Phaedra Parks…

Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks work place almost got blown up after a scorned rapper named Drama tried to reek his revenge on The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, has learned.

Phaedra Parks has managed to stay out of the spotlight while the hit series is on hiatus. Last week, she managed to win the Award for Queen of Shade at the Real Housewives awards at Bravo.

She happily accepted saying:

“I am #BRAVOS #QueenofShade. Thank you for voting for me! I guess I can add master Librarian to my lengthy resume and numerous jobsssssssss ??? Thanks ?. MUA.”

Then, this past Thursday Parks almost made the obituaries when a man walked into an Atlanta office and claimed he had a bomb strapped to his leg Thursday morning.

Onlookers said he went into the facility and wanted to see Parks, according to TMZ.

Bravos Queen of Shade, Parks life was in serious danger!

The man ended up being former rapper Drama, who was in serious legal troubles and he was taking it out on Parks. He demanded before he claimed:

“I’m not leaving…I’ve got a bomb.”

The only problem is he was in the wrong building. Parks actual office was a few buildings down. On top of that, it’s not even clear if Parks was in her own office as she has been in Philadelphia for the past few days.

Opsy! Somebody NEEDS to do better research!

Police were able to evacuate the area and get everyone out safely and put the suspect in custody.

Lucky for us, a woman who lives in the condominiums next to the office was able to capture a bomb squad going into the building. Check out her video below:

#bombsquad going in! Y’all why this dude drama yelling out the police car… “Y’all call my mama ” ?

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Enstarz reports:

In the latest update, the man was actually an Atlanta rapper named Drama. Parks once represented him in a case.

Apparently he has gotten in lots of legal trouble since his hit song Left, Right was released back in 2000. He has gotten convicted of robbery and even spent 12 years in jail. It looks like he still has an issue with Parks, who is an entertainment lawyer.

Parks has yet to speak out on the incident.