Black In Chicago: What We Learned This From Episode 5

Black In Chicago: What We Learned This From Episode 5

What happened on Black Ink Crew Chicago Episode 5? Besides Van smashing his THOT apprentice Evenita, and failed to step up like a man for Jenn and she’s done.

As for the Las Vegas convention, man, talk about a shit show, Charmaine fails as a concierge for 9Mag and Ryan Henry is ready to cut the dead weight from his brand, starting with Charmaine. Continue on…

Black In Chicago: What We Learned This From Episode reports that Charmaine has some serious listening skills because she was supposed to get Shine and Lily added to the convention.

Here is the rundown for Black In Chicago 5 – Episode 5:

Charmaine EPIC FAIL:

Instead, Charmaine came back with Phor and hung a bunch of photos of the original 9Mag crew to let all the newbies know they were NOT part of the OG team.

Ryan was NOT happy at all. Job FAIL, position terminated.

Shine Out!

Next, turned off by 9MAG’s lack of professionalism at the convention, Shine decides to walk away from 9Mag. Shine keeps it 100 with Ryan. Henry realizes he needs to get his shop in order to retain quality artists.

Junior makes his triumphant return to Black Ink Chicago.

Sorry Lily, but Junior is BACK, following last years false claims by Reece, who accused him of hitting her. In the end, Reece lied about Junior and he had to work hard and rebuild his brand.

When Junior showed up everyone at Black In Chicago (9Mag) was happy to see him except for Charmaine. She felt that she needed to apologize in her backward shady way after wrongly accusing him of hitting Reece, which was NOT true.

Black In Chicago: Don learns Ashley and his kids come first:

Don stayed home and put his family first which made Ashley finally feel special. Don has realized that family comes first and now its time for him to step up as a man and a father.

Don and Ashley speak on how they met and what they want viewers to take home from their relationship. The happy couple shares the story of how they met, recall how they ended up on the show and explain how they navigate the ups and downs of their relationship.

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