Van Johnson Screws Evenita + Loses Girlfriend Jenn

Van Johnson Screws Evenita + Loses Girlfriend Jenn

Welcome to the Sh*t show! Black Ink Chicago star and Chicagorilla creator Van Johnson has just F’s it all up with it comes to his longtime girlfriend Jenn.

Read on to get the tea spill on how Van Johnson screws Evenita and loses girlfriend Jenn

Van Johnson Screws Evenita + Loses Girlfriend can be the first to say that at this point in the relationship, Van Johnson has officially screwed up with girlfriend Jenn.

For starters, Van Johnson introduced his 9Mag fam to his “apprentice” Evenita who is nothing but a THOT. Not only is Evenita thirsty for a ride from Van, but she also continues to be disrespectful to Ryan Henry’s business and brand.

Evenita has been NOTHING but trouble from the start.

When she first stepped into 9Mag she rubbed everyone the wrong way and came off like she and Van were smashing. Things continued to get worse with Van’s “so-called apprentice” because Belle was NOT feeling her from the jump and let it be known.

The drama continued when the 9Mag crew went to Las Vegas.

The trip was Charmaine’s idea and Evenita was NOT part of the trip, but Van invited her to come, so she pulled a pop up at the house. Charmaine threw some shade and told her there was nowhere for her to sleep so take a couch bitch.

She pranced around like she was Van’s lady, but the Black Ink Chicago Crew was NOT feeling her at all. At the convention things just turned ugly when Evenita embarrasses herself by trying to flirt with him in front of a client, she goes and picks a fight with Bella. Ryan was PISSED because this is a reflection of his brand and 9Mag. He blames Van for inviting her, but she has been a problem from the start. Ryan, Shine, and Lily got up and walked out because they didn’t want to be seen near any of the drama in Vegas.

Van Johnson caught cheating on Jenn with Evenita:

On Wednesday, Van crossed the line when he was drunk and ended up smashing Evenita the night before Jenn was due to show up. #SMH

To make matter worse, Van gets totally liquored up before he is set to marry the woman he truly loves at an impromptu wedding to Jenn. It is a total shit show to say the least.

Watch as Van pounds back the booze while convincing himself to step and prove to Jenn he is ready to take the next step and marry her:

During the weakest vows in history at a wedding, Van proves to Jenn that he is wasting her time. Van wants to have his daughter, friends and family there, but he is too drunk to explain himself. Jenn is furious and fails to follow through with getting married.

Jenn says, “Van is a weak man.”

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