Black Ink Chicago: Van Johnson is a HORRIBLE BOSS

Black Ink Chicago: Van Johnson is a HORRIBLE BOSS

When it comes to HORRIBLE BOSSES, Black Ink Crew Chicago’s Van Johnson does everything you are NOT supposed to do starting off with HARRASSMENT and BULLYING!

And no, it doesn’t stop there, Black Ink Crew Chicago’s Van Johnson also proves that he is discriminating against a woman. Read on and watch how terrible Van is to Bella for no reason… reports that Black Ink Crew Chicago‘s Van Johnson better watch out because he might be landed him a LAWSUIT.

On the premiere episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Van Johnson was a straight up @ss bringing in his Chicagorilla crew who are NOT what the old 9Mag needs.

Van proves that he is NOT a BOSS, and he has let his little bit of power go straight to his head. He looks like a straight up dumb ass on Black Ink Chicago and it’s sad.

Johnson proves that he is WRONG since he became the boss of 9Mag:

While Ryan Henry has distanced himself from all the negativity, drama, and complete nonsense, Van continues to take the old 9Mag name and run it into the ground.

He brought in a bunch of dudes to make the old 9Mag a sausage factory sword fighting for dominance.

Meanwhile, Charmaine and Don are stuck dealing with the BS and Bella gets disrespected, bullied and harassed by Van Johnson.

Bella should sue 9Mag and Van Johnson for disrespected, bullied and harassed. And she will win because it’s documented on TV.

Take a look at Van bullying and harassing Bella below:

To be honest it was very disturbing to watch how immature and petty Van was because Bella is friends with Lily. If he has a problem with Lily keep it with Lily, don’t take it out on her friend that has nothing to do with his beef. Van forced Bella to quit!

Van should be ashamed of himself for looking like this on TV. We are seriously disappointed with his actions. Not to mention, but Big Fish Entertainment should have handled it better especially Van’s friends throwing a drink in a woman’s face. ALL these dudes NEED to be removed from the show.

This episode was different and we’re NOT liking Black Ink Chicago thus far.

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