Black Ink Chicago: Van Johnson RUNNING 9Mag Into Ground

Black Ink Chicago: HORRIBLE BOSS Van Is RUINING 9Mag

Since Black Ink Chicago star Ryan Henry has moved on and left the unwanted ones behind, Van Johnson, Charmaine, and Don.

They have to work in the old 9Mag, but its being run like a third world country.

Van Johnson acting like Tirant Trump doing what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants, muscling out his friends Charmaine and Don. Read on to get the latest drama from Black Ink Chicago Van Johnson; we are beginning to lose our interest… reports once again Van’s “new artists” are NOTHING but a bunch of disrespectful, sloppy, and unprofessional screw-up meatheads that NEED to be FIRED.

This guys are REPPING 9Mag, and if Ryan Henry doesn’t WAKE THE F UP his 9MAG name is being run into the ground. Van Johnson was the WRONG choice as managing boss. He is full of himself, and NOT ONLY THAT, he is RUDE, STUBBORN, and FOUL. No wonder his relationship was on the rocks for so long. He is too much to deal with, and we feel sorry for his friends.

Unless you’re one of Van’s F-boys, he ain’t listening to Charmaine or Don and they’re suffering under his rule, and so is the shop.

When a new client who wanted work from Shine, she is quickly scared off by the unprofessional attitude at 9MAG. Charmaine tries to explain to Van about some changes that need to be made, instead, he acts like a punk!

What is sad is that Van says:

If you don’t like the rules that I make, then simply pick up and go. The way I want to run and do things around here, have people respect me, people who know who I am, and how I know how to handle business and I know how to conduct business. and that is that.

Too bad that all sounds good, but he is full of it, because we’ve seen NONE OF IT!

Meanwhile, his Gorilla goons have displayed nothing but disrespect, bad behavior, and complete unprofessionalism. Not only that Van’s proved once again that he is 1000% a HORRIBLE BOSS and has NO CLUE on how to run a business unless its to run it into the ground.

Charmaine offered to help with Black Ink Chicago, it’s just her approach is bad. Don, can’t seem to be honest and tell Van face to face that he is FAILING as a boss. Things continue to get worse and Lily actually said it best, “Ryan left all the unwanted people behind.”

Lily is back on her PETTY TIP talking sh-t to Charmaine, Van, and Don. Tempers flare as she bids them a farewell saying “See you at the new shop. Psych, no I won’t.”


How do you think Van is doing?

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