Akbar V Drop Kicked Shekinah During LHHA Reunion

Akbar V Drop Kicked Shekinah During LHHA Reunion

Akbar V is the newest addition to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, but she is also the one constantly complaining about her career being stagnent.

First she complained about Tokyo Vanity NOT being from the A but having success in her town. Then, she makes digs at Spice for her success and what she FAILS to realize is that she is standing in her own way.

Now we are hearing that Akbar V drop kicked Shekinah during Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Read on becuse VH1 NEEDS to cancel her…

CelebNReality247.com has the latest on the Love & Hip Hop reunion which taped yesterday in Atlanta, and as expected it was a complete sh*t show!!

During the reunion show Akbar V got into an argument with Shekinah, that turned violent.

According to reports from an insider Sierra and Shekinah (formerly of TI & Tiny Family Hustle) were talking and Akbar V jumped in and started talking mess.

The insider explains:

Sierra was talking to Shekinah, and all of a sudden Akbar interrupted them, and started acting belligerent. I really think she was drunk or something. Akbar started saying all kinds of stuff to Shekinah, and then brought up Shekinah’s best friend Tiny, and started saying terrible things about her too.

The insider said that Shekinah stood up and tried to confront Akbar, which was a mistake, because that is when she attacked.

Akbar V straight up “drop kicked” Shekinah, which MTO has confirmed.

The insider added:

Akbar V is a big girl, but she jumped in the air and drop kicked Shekinah. With both legs. And Akbar got up there. She looked like that big guy Zion that played [basketball] for Duke.

Luckily the kick didn’t seriously hurt Shekinah, who was stunned by the wrestling kick that landed.

Security grabbed Akbar V and escorted her off the stage. Remember there is a a “no violence” policy at Love & Hip Hop reunions. Following the incident, Akbar went Live speaking on the confrontation with Shekinah, discussing what happened shortly after the violence popped off.


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