Black Ink Crew 8 Ep 16: Tatti Tells Everyone Kit + Ryan Did Smash

Black Ink Crew 8 Ep 16: Tatti Tells Everyone Kit + Ryan Did Smash

We Learned This Time: Black Ink Crew 8 Ep 16: Tatti Tells Everyone Kit + Ryan Did Smash

Wow, the Black Ink Crew 8 Ep 16 was filled with drama during the last half hour of the show, but first, let’s recap what went down. Read on… has the latest on the Black Ink Crew 8 Ep 16 season finale which kicked off with Cease, Puma, and Teddy being hit with a lawsuit because Donna can’t spell.

Come on Donna, you are doing tattoos and people pay money for you to do good work, so learn how to spell or check the spelling first on Google before you screw a huge tattoo on someone’s back.

We love Puma last night saying, “Donna you word is Illiterate” after she said let’s have a spelling B.

Will Ceaser an Crystal Get Back Together?

The next 20 minutes focused on Ceaser and the mother of his daughter, Crystal who is so blind to see that she is better off without Cease being her man again.

These days, he has Teddy in his ear, and that is the wrong person he NEEDS to be taking advice from because all his relationships have ended well.

Anyways, Cease’s assistant tries to rekindle the romance between Cease and Crystal, and he is taken back when his mom reveals she wants her son to step up as a man and get back with Crystal.

The last part of the episode tackles the Kitty and Ryan Henry rumor which sounds to be truer than FAKE NEWS. We have learned that the incident in question happened in 2017 and it is coming to light on Black Ink Crew 2-years-later.

Crystal Comes for Kitty:

First, Sky throws a Black Ink Prom for the crew and things get messy when Crystal starts acting like she’s Ceaser’s queen again. See Crystal is gunning to get back with her baby daddy since he is successful these days. Anyways, she gets up in Ms Kitty’s face at the Prom and it’s just uncalled for and messy.

Tatti Airs Kitty and Ryan Henry’s Dirty Laundry at Prom:

Then it really heated up when Tatti told everyone at Prom that Kit slept with Ryan and there was no more denying it!

Get full backstory here…

Wow, we will see what happens next season and what we learn from the streets…

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