Black Ink Crew’s Tatti Says “I’m No Liar” Kitty + Ryan Henry Smashed

Black Ink Crew's Tatti Says "I'm No Liar" Kitty + Ryan Henry Smashed

Black Ink Crew’s Tatti Says “I’m No Liar” Kitty + Ryan Henry Smashed!

Last night, the tea came out on the midseason finally of Black Ink Crew NY when Tattiana revealed that she is the one who confirmed that Ms. Kitty had a hot girl summer with Black Ink Chicago (9Mag owner), Ryan Henry. Read on… understands that Ms. Kitty and Ryan Henry more than likely agreed to keep their little fling on the low, but they gotta remember they’re Reality TV stars.

That said, it means all dirt will come to the surface no matter what. If Kitty and Ryan Henry wanted to smash they should have set that up without Tatti around.

No one can be trusted when you’re on TV putting your tea out there. Producers probably asked Tatti what happened and she told them. Then, in turn, made it a storyline for the show. It’s that simple.

Now here is some backstory to help support last night’s episode of Black Ink Crew.

It’sOnlyEntertainment spilled this tea first:

What you guys don’t see on camera is that Kit has been acting like she wants Ceaser to wife her. She’s been on his body heavy these days. But Ceaser has been enjoying the single life the past three years since breaking things off with Dutchess.

Ceaser started dating Karlie Redd after he opened his Atlanta shop and Kitty was in her feelings about that. Her revenge was having sex with Ryan in Baltimore while the two crews were there for a tattoo convention over two years ago. Kit was not working the convention with the New York Crew and was sitting at Ryan’s booth the majority of the time she was there. I received a call the next day from Ceaser’s former assistant and her exact words were “Kit fucking Ryan.” It was also revealed to me that Kit told the assistant herself that she and Ryan had sex.

Since it has been two years ago, Kit and Ryan have both denied sleeping together! In support of that, you might recall that Kit randomly popped up on an episode of Black Ink Crew Chicago. Well, she and Tatti were in New Orleans during Essence Fest to support Ryan’s 9 Mag pop up.

When Sky hit up Ryan on Live asking him what was up with Kit, he replied:

You know I can’t stand by a Muthaf—a without people thinking it got my d–k up in’em.

And at this point who cares, Ryan is hot and a major step up from Ceaser in the hot boy department. We wanna know how was he in the smashing department?

Ladies which BIC beefcake would you rather:

Ryan Henry:


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Ceaser Emanuel:


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