Black Ink Crew Boss Ceaser Emanuel Facing More Allegations

Black Ink Crew Boss Ceaser Emanuel Facing More Allegations!

Since Black Ink Crew has wrapped the first half of their season on Vh1, Ceaser Emanuel has been making headlines and things are NOT looking to good for him…


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A post shared by Ceaser Emanuel (@ceaserblackink) has the latest update on Ceaser Emanuel who is now unemployed according to multiple sources.

What has been going on with Ceaser Emanuel for 2022?

First, Suzette Samuel, the ex-girlfriend of ‘Black Ink Crew’ boss Ceasar Emanuel, accused him of domestic abuse after VH1 fired him over dog abuse.

That’s not, Emanuel faces more allegations of abuse in wake of VH1 firing him.

Emanuel’s ex-girlfriend Suzette Samuel accused him of abusing her in an Instagram Stories post on Monday (June 27). Samuel shared a photo of her bruised arm along with details about his alleged behavior.

Suzette said:

I tried not to do this to you but here we go. You know I know EVERYTHING you’re an abuser!!! Member Christmas time when u found that dude in my dm?! This was the result. U played with the wrong one! You used the network to manipulate me and threatens to use the show to destroy my brand for months. I left you your birthday weekend stop playin!

Black Ink Crew’ Boss Ceaser Emanuel Facing More Allegations

In addition, Samuel aired out Emanuel after he claimed an ex leaked the dog abuse video that got him fired by VH1. The Black Ink Crew boss didn’t mention Samuel by name but insisted the footage surfaced online following a breakup in an interview with the OnThaRadar Podcast.

Emanuel said:

They always dangled it over my head. You know how it felt having that dangled over your head? Like yo, you bugging. And it’s for years. And finally, after I say I’m single, the next day that drops.

What are your thoughts since Ceaser Emanuel is facing more allegations?