Black Ink Crew Season 8 EP 14: Cease Fires Kitty; Tatti + Teddy Face-Off

Black Ink Crew Season 8 EP 14: Cease Fires Kitty; Tatti + Teddy Face-Off

So, Black Ink Crew made a turn to towards messy as we see that Teddy and Cease are cousins because they both think they can sleep with their employees and do whatever they want.

Maybe they haven’t heard that there is a thing called the #MeToo Movement which focuses on men who have sex with their employees and then tosses them to the curb, only to sleep with another employee. Yeah, NOT a good look for Black Ink Crew. Read on because Cease Fires Kitty on Black Ink Crew… wants t catch you up in case you haven’t watched Black Ink Crew this season.

This season Ceaser and Kitty looked to have become a lot closer after her mother passed, but that did seem to last long. After Sky lost her shop in Miami she’s been on a mission to start mess and inflict misery on her co-workers.

Yeah, Sky is one of those people, when she is down, why NOT stir the pot, spread some rumors and spill some tea on the ladies of Black Ink. She’s that type of friend, she’s NOT one.

Anyways, this season Sky decided to spill the tea on Tatti and Gemz were making out and that they’re dating to Teddy during a toast to Walt:

Of course, the tea was true and Tatti’s ex-Teddy was pissed.

He had no reason to act like the b—h he did since he was already on to the next in the shop. Tatti put up with all of his immature ways, but Teddy went off and wanted to FIRE her for moving on and being with a man who respects her. Huh, that sounds really dumb, well it is.

Fast forward to Walter’s comedy tour in Cleveland.

The crew heads to Cleveland while Ceaser, Teddy, and Sky fly together, but before they step into the house, Sky is asked to tell Kitty and tatti that they need to get a hotel.

Kitty and Tatti refuse to leave and instead confront the immature Black Ink owner and his cousin. Cease says “there is tension,” but does he realize that the problem is with him.

Following the blowout, Tatti was able to speak with teddy after a couple of weeks and they agreed to let each other move on and be happy, no thanks to Sky stirring the pot.

Cease Fires Kitty:

Moving on, Sky’s next victims are Ceaser and Kitty – The rumor has really gotten to Cease – he feels that he and Kit will NEVER be able to see eye to eye. He feels betrayed by Kit and Ryan. Cease is convinced that she and Ryan slept together so he decides to FIRE her.

Kitty says that she is “fine” but “she will be calling her lawyer.”

We hope she sues the @ss off Ceaser and Black Ink for that dirty, and unprofessional way he FIRED her. That was completely illegal!

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