Black Ink Crew’s Walt Gets Engaged To Jessica

Black Ink Crew's Walt Gets Engaged To Jessica

Black Ink Crew has been FULL of drama when it comes to Ceaser and Kitty, Teddy and Tatti and Sky who loves to stir the pot.

But what about Walt? Walt has gone through a lot dealing with addiction and struggling. Over the past year he has cleaned up and its all because he has a strong woman supporting him. Walt has been dating Jess, and now he can call his longtime girlfriend his Fiancée. Read on as Black Ink Crew’s Walt Engaged Jessica… has the latest on Walt who finally saw what he wanted to see from Jessica all along.

After Jess popped up in Cleveland to support Walt on the first night of his comedy tour he saw what he need to see.

He was happily surprised that the woman he loves flew to Cleveland to be with him. Walt knew this was the moment, so he took Jessica out on a romantic dinner downtown is one of the cities most romantic spots.

Watch as Walt gets down on one knee for one of the most touching moments in Black Ink history as Walt proposes to Jessica:

Check the ring!
Black Ink Crew's Walt Gets Engaged To Jessica

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