Bow Wow Comes Clean on Erica Mena Split

Bow Wow Comes Clean on Erica Mena Split

Last year Erica Mena announced she was head over heels for Bow Wow. His friends + baby mama, Joie Chavis, were against Mena and Shad Moss getting married. Now Bow Wow Comes Clean on Erica Mena Split!!!

Flip and get the hot tea spilling on the Bow Wow + Erica Mena Split inside…

Bow Wow Comes Clean on Erica Mena Split has learned via Shad Moss aka Bow Wow that it was his ex who sabotaged his romance with Erica Mena.

Bow Wow says that his romance ended in a broken engagement and a few social media beefs, but Bow Wow claims their breakup was really over his daughter. Why is he now coming clean about Erica Mena?

Isn’t it TOO LATE?

According to Bow Wow his baby mama Joie Chavis caused him to call off the engagement. Moss reveals that he was FORCED to let Erica go to keep the peace with his baby mama, Joie Chavis and his daughter. Erica didn’t take to kindly to Bow’s explanation. She especially didn’t appreciate his claim that the former Love & Hip Hop star’s recklessness on social media played a big part in their break up.

He says:

“For me it was kind of hard because I felt like I had to pick between my fiancée or my daughter.

“My baby moms and Erica had a little outing on social media. They was going at each other like last week. Going hard…going at each other and I’m like sipping my tea and watching and sh*t. I’m like, I don’t belong to either one of y’all a*ses and y’all arguing about me. This sh*t is stupid. I’m not on nobody’s side. Y’all too grown and this sh*t is dumb…

“And for me, I was like I don’t want no parts of it. So for me, that’s what really spawned it.”

Check out the clip in the interview followed by Erica’s response capture by Gossip Grilling.