Byron Scott Says “Kristine Still Has Issue with Me”

Byron Scott Says "Kristine Still Has Issue with Me"

Basketball Wives star Kristine Scott ended up hanging out with Jennifer Williams and learned nothing but some back traits last season.

All last season Kristine Scott threw retired professional NBA player Byron Scott under the bus because she thought being married to his son and having his grandchild she carried some weight with the family. Yeah, she doesn’t understand that she is married to Thomas Scott and somethings should have not conspired on national TV.

Read on to hear Byron Scott saying “Kristine Still Has Issue with Me…” reports that Byron Scott sat down with his fiance CeCe Gutierrez to discuss their wedding and that is when he made it clear that he wants his son Thomas as his best man.

Byron Scott then says that he only wants his son at the wedding and NOT his daughter-in-law Kristine Scott since she smeared his name on national TV and publically.

He is NOT happy with Kristine Scott and she doesn’t believe that Byron would say something like that about her.

She feels that her name carries weight with Byron, and CeCe is lying.

The problem with CeCe Gutierrez is that she is nonconfrontational, which we feel is a weak aspect. She just needs to tell Kristine to go speak with Byron, apologize for wrongdoings and squash the drama.

Instead, Kristine wants to create drama instead of ending it. #SMH

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