Double Shot At Love: Who Should Vinny Guadagnino Choose

Double Shot At Love: Who Should Vinny Guadagnino Choose

Pauly D has a psycho in the making if he picks Nikki Hall as his choice for the finale of Double Shot At Love. But who should Vinny Guadagnino choose as his perfect match?

Will it be his dog loving girl Alysse Joyner, or will it be the Kardashian look-a-like Elle Wilson who he has a ton of things in common with? Read on to find out who should Vinny Guadagnino choose on Double Shot At Love… has gone back and forth on who should Vinny Guadagnino chose on Double Shot at Love, but we are leaning towards Elle Wilson.

Who Should Vinny Guadagnino Choose?

Now, we have a good reason why, if you listened to JWoww, she knows both Pauly D and Vinny. On MTV’s Double Shot at Love, Jenni Farley knows that Vinny will ruin Alysse Joyner. She is a sweetheart, but she will NOT be able to handle his lifestyle.

Alysse says it on the show “I’m ready” but she has no clue on how Vinny really is in real life and when he is filming Jersey Shore.

For example, Bowling with Pauly D is NOT for everybody:

As for Elle Wilson, she looks to hold her own. If Vinny acts up, Elle will probably put her foot down and let him have it. She doesn’t seem like the “I’m so in my feeling hurt girl.” Elle is accomplished, well educated and can get herself a man if the thing doesn’t work out.

Let’s not forget when MTV star Vinny met Elle’s mom. Watch as Vinny impresses Elle’s mom with his legal background:

Elle ended up having a date with both Guidos, but during her date with Vinny she was over the top that Vinny pays attention to her and what she likes.  When she went on a date with Pauly she confirmed that she is team Vinny. She tells Pauly that she has stronger feelings for Vinny, he just is not sure what to feel?

Who ended up having their cab here? That was Maria Elizondo, she was a lot of fun, but she never really opened up like she planned with Vinny.

We will all find out the truth on the season finale of Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny airs on Thursday, June 27.

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