Carlos King Seemingly Reacts To Kandi Burruss’ Claims on Xscape’s Life Story

Carlos King Seemingly Reacts To Kandi Burruss Claims on Xscape’s Life Story!

Earlier this week, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss made headlines after she revealed the reason behind her estranged relationship with former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” producer Carlos King. King worked with Burruss on “RHOA” from 2008 to 2017. Read on for more about the Carlos King Kandi Burruss feud… reports that Kandi Burruss revealed in an interview on “Haus of Aaron,” the 46-year-old, who was visibly emotional, shared that King allegedly stole Xscape’s life story and sold it to TV One, a television company.

Burruss claimed that the event occurred after the ninth season of “RHOA” wrapped.

Soon after Burruss’ remarks circulated online, King faced massive backlash for his alleged actions, with many who responded seemingly taking at face value the false notion that he would have needed to secure permission from the group to tell their story.

It didn’t end there, King, 42, took to his Instagram story and seemingly addressed the accusations

Following the flak, King took to his Instagram story and seemingly addressed the accusations. Although the 42-year-old didn’t mention Burruss’ name nor the comments, he did, however, upload a Tweet from @traebug000.

In the post, the Twitter user offered advice to King by telling him that he’s facing scrutiny because of the success he’s receiving from his other business ventures.

That person wrote, “@thecarlosking_ with every elevation is demonic agitation. You are on track, don’t get distracted! #reigndrop.”

As King’s post made its rounds on social media blogs, many — all seemingly unaware that what Burruss described is not in any sense a “theft” — condemned the “Reality with the King” host for not thoroughly explaining what happened and not taking any form of accountability for what he allegedly did to the Xscape singer.

At the same time, several people pointed out that whenever individuals are accused of doing negative things they will always “drop quotes.”

Don’t bring God into your foolishness! Take accountability!  He definitely did it, lol one thing folks do when they get caught up is drop quotes.  Always posting quotes when they are wrong as hell.  If they quoting and not explaining. They did it!

She adds:

I hate when people get called out & they wanna bring God & demons up. Nahhh take ACCOUNTABILITY for your actions.

Among the previous remarks, others mentioned that they believed Burruss’ story because of how visibly emotional the actress was when talking about the situation and because she supposedly rarely lies.

One wrote:

When Kandi get to crying, using her hands to talk, and that forehead vein poke out. SHE AINT LYING.

Another said:

We all know Kandi don’t lie . So stop it . I hate when people do someone wrong and play victim.

A third person stated:

We know he did it. Kandi really don’t be lying and she had that crying cracking voice too.

Carlos reacted with this:

Carlos King Seemingly Reacts To Kandi Burruss’ Claims on Xscape’s Life Story