Sheree Whitfield Addresses She By Sheree Backlash

Sheree Whitfield Addresses She By Sheree Backlash

Sheree Whitfield Addresses She By Sheree Backlash!

During the season finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta Sheree Whitfield’s She By Sheree finally had a fashion show which took place in March. It has been over six months now and Sheree’s She By Sheree website is still not working. Get the details on the Sheree Whitfield Backlash…. reports that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield’s return to the show was described as triumphant.

This season, Sheree Whitfield cut ties with her jailbird romance with Tyrone Gilliams after he left her high and dry in Philadelphia. But what was interesting is how Tyrone showed up for the fashion show. Thankfully, Sheree dumped Gilliams like a hot potatoes.

After the She By Sheree fashion show aired on the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale some fans accused Sheree of just slapping her logo on cheap clothing she didn’t actually make.

Well, Sheree had something to say in response:

I’ve gotten a good production management. They came up with the idea to maybe incorporate some other pieces. You know, a few other pieces with my custom pieces that offer different price points for different people. And everybody won’t…like I’m in a crop top right now. Everybody can’t…everybody won’t wear a crop top. So incorporating other merch into the line.

Sheree added:

I’m not designing everything. I don’t design hats, you know, things like that. So all I can say is apparently Shein or Shien or whatever, they shop at the same production…it’s a private label. But shame on them for selling anything that you sell to Fashion Nova or Shein. You shouldn’t sell to anybody else.


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For the record the She By Sheree website is finally working. Click here…

Gibson clarified:

The difference is that you have your own logo on that…exactly.

Sheree responded to the backlash in an interview with Gibson Johns for Yahoo.

And Sheree just feels like she’s being held to a higher standard:

This isn’t the first time that this has been done. I don’t understand why people hold me to a different degree than everyone else. And there are the online boutiques, a lot of these stores you go to…a lot of designers…it’s called private label. They’re not necessarily designing every garment in their line. And some are not designing any of them.

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