Cartel Crew Salome Jackson Gets In HEATED Fight Stephanie Acevedo

Cartel Crew Salome Jackson Gets In HEATED Fight Stephanie Acevedo

Cartel Crew Salome Jackson (a.k.a. Betty Idol) Gets In HEATED Fight Stephanie Acevedo and Ivette!

Last week the ladies of Cartel Crew went on a road trip to Tiajuana to protest against ICE separating families and holding children in detention camp setting like Hitler did the Jews.

While the ladies were there on positive light things went left when outspoken Stephanie Acevedo tells Salome to stop giving a woman with an ill daughter false hope. Continue on to watch Salome Jackson Stephanie Acevedo Fight… reports that as always Stephanie Acevedo doesn’t let it go, and pushes her believes in Salome Jackson’s face once the ladies are back in the US at the house they were staying at.

Cartel Crew star Stephanie Acevedo gets loud and offends Salome by telling her that you don’t promise people things you can’t follow through with. But Salome doubles down on her vow to connect the family they met in Tijuana with a surgeon she knows from Texas. She has a doctor and can contact him.

Betty is furious with Stephanie because she feels that she is trying to make her look like a “fake and phony b–ch.”

Salome also said that she will find a way for her charity to pay for the cost of the medical bills or whatever she needs to do.

An upset Salome screams in anger and tears that she will do what she says and wants Stephanie to stop getting in her face, but that doesn’t happen.

Security rushes in to break the ladies up before someone gets hurt. But things continue to escalate when Stephanie puts her hands on Marie Ramirez De Arellano’s throat. All Marie and Nicole were doing was walking past Stephanie.

Cartel Crew Salome Jackson Gets In HEATED Fight Stephanie Acevedo

It gets really ugly and Stephanie doesn’t see her wrongs, even though Kat “Tatu Baby” Flores tries to tell her. Stephanie goes in on Salome, who is passionate to help, is wrong for making an unrealistic promise to help a refugee family get medical aid.

Stephanie has problems with people who have broken promises with her and she is projecting her issues on Salome Jackson.

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