Ryan Henry + Charmaine Address Fallout with Van + Ms. Kitty Rumors!

Ryan Henry + Charmaine Walker Address Fallout with Van Johnson + Ms. Kitty Rumors!

Ryan Henry + Charmaine Address Fallout with Van + Ms. Kitty Rumors!

We previously reported that when “Black Ink Crew Chicago” returns December 4th not everyone from the cast is returning, such as Van, Lily, Bella, Junior, and Jenn. Read on…

CelebNReality247.com has the latest from Charmaine and Ryan appeared on “The Breakfast Club” to discuss their fallout with Van Johnson and more.

With that said, it explains this could be one of the reasons why Van Johnson said he would be exposing the show and cast in the coming days. It is no surprise that Van was gonna get fired after watching last season when he ran 9Mag into the ground because he was a HORRIBLE BOSS!

In addition, Charmaine Walker expressed her feelings about the drama that took place last season. She confirmed that it’s one of the reasons why she’s not in a good place with Van, half of the cast and producers. Charmaine said that she’s still not sure where the rumor that she “pleased Van orally” while the gang was in Vegas came from.

If you recall, Van and Charmaine both denied this. Don later said that Van was the one who told him this happened. Charmaine was furious and she slammed Van, Phor, and Don on social media.

As a woman, she feels like it’s really dangerous and s*xist for those behind the scenes to push these kinds of narratives. She also believes it was a hot topic for multiple episodes because she’s a woman. And she sees the same thing happening to Kitty right now. Charmaine once again said nothing ever happened with Van. Nick Bey knows this and that is why they are now married with a baby on the way. Especially after she lost her mom this past October.

The 5-month pregnant mommy said she wasn’t planning on being pregnant when she opened up 2nd City Ink Tattoo Shop. Meet the new crew at Charmaine’s tattoo shop.

Then, Ryan addressed the rumors about him and Kitty. And he explained what made them become close friends.

Speaking of Kitty, Ryan once again denied that they slept together. He believes the rumor came about because they are friends and Kitty happens to be attractive. So that’s all that’s needed for rumors to start. But they are just friends and got close after her mom was diagnosed with cancer. At the time, Ryan had a friend who was also battling cancer.

Listen to the full interview above…

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