Peter Gunz Treated Tara + Amina Badly Like His Dad Treated His Mom

Peter Gunz Treated Tara + Amina Badly Like His Dad Treated His Mom! He Regrets Controversial Love & Hip Hop Love Triangle!

Former “Love And Hip Hop New York” star Peter Gunz had an eventful time on the hit series.  Though Peter Gunz left LHHNY earning a reputation as an adulterer and a “creep.”

Peter Gunz, who has 10 kids, left fans believing he was a messy, heartless and a father who doesn’t care when it comes to Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly. But that is NOT true! Gunz is now opening up about who he is as a man, father, and boyfriend. Read on to hear how Peter Gunz treated Tara and Amina badly… reports that Love & Hip Hop New York ended up being a good thing for Peter Gunz Pankey because it was like a mirror for him to see the cause and effect of his actions.

Peter Gunz explains how he treated Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly badly by putting them on the show for the money.

Gunz had to realize that he couldn’t keep up with the lies anymore on VH1’s new show “Unveiled.”

When it comes to the original Love & Hip Hop Love Triangle, Peter feels that Tara Wallace was treated the worst between the two women and that he will always regret what he put her through. He started the series thinking it would be a way for everyone to get a bag, instead, it opened his eyes to what and how he was hurting the people he loved.

Peter admits going into the series he knew he was married to Amina and that Tara would learn of the news on national TV.

This is where Peter points to growing up stating that he is his father.

Gunz explains:

While discussing this on “Unveiled.” My Dad was pretty much what you see from me was my dad. My dad was engaged to a woman while he was with my mother. And it wasn’t just my dad, it’s my uncles, friends’ dads. It was normal as a child coming out your dad had extracurricular activities going on with people. So it was like normal to me, so maybe it did affect me growing up.

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