Kandi Burruss: Todd Tucker is Being Selfish With New Baby

Kandi Burruss: Todd Tucker is Being Selfish With New Baby

Kandi Burruss: Todd Tucker is Being Selfish With New Baby!

All last season Kandi Burruss and her hubby Todd Tucker talked about having another baby and now that the day is here, they are already bickering.

It appears, Kandi Burruss, daughter Riley appears to be correct when she said they shouldn’t have another baby. Read on…

CelebNReality247.com reports that Kandi Burruss and her hubby Todd Tucker have some things they need to get off their chest when it comes to their new baby girl Blaze Tucker.

According to Todd Tucker, he feels that it’s a bit awkward cleaning his daughter’s diapers because she has female parts.

Kandi thinks that is selfish of him because that is his daughter and he needs to be over it. But that’s NOT all. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star says that all Todd wants to go out and party instead of taking care of his newborn daughter.

She goes off saying:

Here’s where he pissed me off. He decides he wanna go out, and go to the club. She ain’t even a week old yet…TWO nights in a row!

That is when he throws in her face that she has to be gone for 4 days filming The Chi.

The couple tried to Vlog their experience as parents in their 40’s after welcoming a baby girl recently but they could barely agree on anything!

They immediately started arguing in the Vlog over Todd’s alleged “lack” of hands-on care for baby Blaze so far.

Check it:

Todd complains this is the trickle-down effect hinting that no one is paying him any mind and he NEEDS attention from his wife.

We hope that doesn’t mean he’s going be pulling a Dennis Mckinley move because Kandi doesn’t deserve it. Kandi feels that Todd NEEDS to bond with his daughter.

He says it’s just weird to him because the baby is too little right now.


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