Ceaser + Girlfriend Suzette SHADE His Baby Momma Crystal

Ceaser + Girlfriend Suzette Shade His Baby Momma Crystal

Ceaser + Girlfriend Suzette SHADE His Baby Momma Crystal!

Black Ink Crew stars always seem to find a way to make headlines for unnecessary drama. Read on for tea on Ceaser and Suzette…


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Not everyone DESERVES to know the REAL YOU, Let them CRITICIZE who they THINK YOU ARE ? #ceaserblackink #blackinkmogul

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CelebnReality247.com reports that “Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel in a much better place with his current relationship.

A few weeks back Ceaser Emanuel went public with the news that he is in a committed relationship since his two previous ones with Dutchess and Miss Kitty were EPIC FAILS.

Cease and his girlfriend Suzette has gotten serious. Most recently, they even bought a house together recently.

Suzette opened up about the life-changing experience on Instagram. She revealed that she helped Ceaser fix his credit score, and she was able to help him go from a 0 to a 780 before they purchased the house.

Ceaser wasn’t even considering being a homeowner until she broke down the benefits of homeownership to him.

Now that the house is theirs, the couple plans to raise their children together.

Things have been looking up for Cease since he’s with a stable girlfriend who is NOT trying to be a reality TV star like his two prior relationships.

In fact, it was Crystal who first revealed to fans of the show that Cease has a girlfriend. She also said that she got along very well with Suzette.

Well, it looks as if they may have changed between Suzette and Crystal.

See, Crystal was very happy for the couple. And she showed them a lot of support on Instagram, too.

Interestingly enough, Crystal now no longer follows Cease or Suzette on Instagram. And they no longer follow her.

Suzette posted a shady message on Instagram Story.

The SHADE was directed at Crystal:

She wrote:

What I look like arguing with someone who needs their baby father to make a move?

Suzette added:

#SelfMade, Can’t relate?

She added this message to ALL Haters:

? When they start HATIN apply more PRESSURE ? Only the STRONG survive ?.
?My team & I ..loading ??
Good Morning ?? don’t be rude say it back ?