Celeb Truth: Joe Budden Is it True Your Single

Celeb Truth: Joe Budden Is it True Your Single

On Saturday during the Joe Budden Podcast Episode 248 “Keep It A Buck”, Joe Budden, Mall, and Rowry were chopping it up when Budden said that Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels had SPLIT.

Read on to see what Erica Mena had to say to Joe Budden about the split, but everyone missed that he confirmed that his split from Cyn Santana. Read on to see how Joe told on himself…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Erica Mena didn’t take kindly to Joe Budden’s tea spill so she responded with the following tweet.

Mena responded to Joe Budden:

FYI to all you flogs if my “ Fiancé “ were to EVER get caught texting any female but me he wouldn’t be able to walk right now. Believe dat! Sincerely a real crazy Latina.

The funny thing is everyone over-looked the simple fact that Joe Budden has finally confirmed that he and Cyn Santana are officially over after news broke about the Love & Hip Hop couple breaking up.

There have been all kinds of rumors that Joe was allegedly cheating on Cyn, but the side chick in question shut it down because she is dating Budden’s cousin in Florida.’ He had previously addressed the split.

At the 9:29 mark Joe may have slipped up or didn’t realize when they were chopping it up about moving to another city for better weather he told Mall and Rowry.

Come on let’s talk now…Mall me and you are single, Rowry is on his way. Me and you are single, so when the fuck we getting out of New York. Now that I’m alone, I hate it here…when we leaving…I can go.

Budden adds:

My lease has expired so I can leave too.

He continues:

LA was my escape plan if anything ever went down.

We reached out to Joe and so far he has not responded.

Celeb Truth: Joe Budden Is it True Your Single

After that they moved on to Khaled’s new album ‘Father of Asad’ and dropped the Erica Mena tea.

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