Charlamagne Rips Rich Dollaz: STOP FAKE FLEXIN

Charlamagne Rips Rich Dollaz: STOP FAKE FLEXIN

Love & Hip Hop New York stars Rich Dollaz and Safaree got into a heated during the reunion.

Rich was trying to get Safaree to admit he denied dating Erica Mena when he asked about it. Safaree refused to say anything and decided to make a remark about Rich Dollaz pants being too tight. That is when Richie D decided to flex for the cameras, according to Safaree, and now Charlamagne is RIPPING his former friend. Read on… has the latest tea spilling from the reunion regarding Love & Hip Hop New York stars Rich Dollaz and Safaree.

Safaree Samuels came on the Love & Hip Hop Runion no giving two Fs about no one or anything. His attitude was shitty, and he didn’t care. He reminded us of Erica Mena back in the day when she wanted to quit the series.

Samuels claimed that he had some family business to take care of and that the reunion was NOT as important to him. He also revealed that is why he didn’t pick up the phone and why he was late.

When it came to dealing with the questions from Nina Parker, he was like whatever.

He was questioned about the situation with Joe Budden and Cyn Santana which has Safaree fans in his corner claiming that Budden was FAKE FLEXIN for the cameras in Costa Rico.

Safaree said on the reunion stage:

Joe turned up for the camera because me and Joe were together on the same bus on the way to the bonfire. He didn’t say nothing but when it was time to film, then it was ‘I’ll put your face in the sand. That’s turning up for the camera. That’s fake. That’s not real sh*t.


Next, it came to the Rich Dollaz confrontation where Safaree and Rich got into a heated argument, and Chalamagne is calling him out.

Lenard Larry McKelvey, best known as Charlamagne tha God tells Rich:

We need you to grow up and act your age, not Safaree’s penis size.

Check it out the Donkey of the Day from the Breakfast Club above, but first, take a look at Rich FAKE FLEXIN:

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