Double Shot At Love: Maria Elizondo on Vinny Guadagnino Relationship

Double Shot At Love: Maria Elizondo + Vinny Guadagnino Relationship Status

Double Shot At Love: Maria Elizondo on Vinny Guadagnino Relationship!

Well, we have an update on Double Shot At Love‘s Vinny and Maria status. Are they dating? Are they a couple? what happened after the cameras stopped filming?

When it comes to the perfect match for Vinny Guadagnino, it would appear that his ex-Maria Elizondo of Double Shot At Love is the right fit. Read on… reports that Vinny Guadagnino and Maria Elizondo are at a friend’s status, though the two confirmed they’ve smashed since the show aired on the reunion.

The reality TV couple learned in the second season of Double Shot At Love that they were both right for each other. They both are quiet and shy when it comes to feelings.

Basically, they both su-k at communicating, but the two have undeniable chemistry which makes it all work out. So what’s up with Vinny Guadagnino and Maria Elizondo’s relationship?

Both Vinny Guadagnino and Maria Elizondo hang out when it’s possible, but she posted some details since the series ended.

When Maria got home she was seeing someone else.

She said:

I was seeing someone when I got home from filming for a few months. No it didn’t work out but no shade to them lol it just wasn’t good timing for me. As far as my situation with Vinny: we are friends and I wish him genuine happiness. #DoubleShotAtLove

And where is Vinny’s state of mind on dating?

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reasons to date me: 1) none, fuck off

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Maria is doing the right thing, just NOT giving two F’s either and that is why its working.

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