Erica Dixon New Man is Scrappy’s Best Friend

Erica Dixon New Man is Scrappy's Best Friend

Erica Dixon is finally coming back to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but rumor has it that she is dating one of the homies this season?

Wait until you hear who Erica Dixon said to be smashing on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Read on…

Erica Dixon New Man is Scrappy's Best Friend reports that Scrappy’s baby mother Erica Dixon will be returning to the VH1 series, but she’s linked to one of her castmates.

According to sources, Erica Dixon is smashing Yung Joc.

Yeah, Yung Joc is getting it in with Scrappy’s ex. Awkward!

One of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta leaked that Erica is dating Scrappy’s good friend on the show, Young Joc.

They said:

Scrappy has moved on with his life and is married to [co-star] Bambi, so he shouldn’t care what Erica is doing.

Even though, Erica and Scrappy are no longer together it’s said to “not be sitting well with Scrappy.” He is NOT cool Joc is smashing his ex.

We actually agree certain exes are off limits to friends no matter what. Especially when the former couple shares a child together and you cool with both exes.

Though, the producer added:

I said Scrappy shouldn’t care, but he does. This [upcoming] season is going to be good.

If Erica was your ex would you be cool if your homie was smashing?

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