Tommie Lee Mourns Death of Former Boyfriend

Tommie Lee Mourns Death of Former Boyfriend

This week former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tommie Lee was released from jail after spending a second month behind bars for violating her probation.

The next day, Tommie Lee got word that Chiko Juan was killed and she ended up having an epic heartbreaking meltdown about life being too short. Read on… reports that Tommie Lee was in tears over the loss of Chiko Juan who died in a shooting Wednesday evening.

It was heartbreaking to watch, but her grieving was interrupted when commenters called out the fact that he was apparently in a relationship.

Lee captioned a series of videos and photos of her and Chiko Juan, crying at the news of his passing:

I’ll Never Be Ok!

After listening to Tommie Lee’s video it appears that she hadn’t spoken to him in a long time and she apparently regrets it.

She said tearfully:

I don’t know what the f— I’m gonna do now. Everything weighing on me, bro.

In another post, Tommie posted more videos of all the special moments she spent with Chiko Juan. Apparently, she was really in love with him.

Always told me don’t tell you I love you, Show you! You happy now ? @chiko_juan

We don’t know what happened to their relationship, but it seemed they fit together.

MTO reported the news first saying:

As for Juan’s passing, it appears that Chiko was the only one who died in a shooting at an Atlanta-area apartment complex Dec. 12. Police told WSB-TV three people got into an altercation and began shooting. Juan died, while two others were injured and hospitalized. No other details have been issued, but Juan is survived by a daughter, as seen on his Instagram page.

Lee, who struggles with alcoholism, also stated in her live stream that she hadn’t been drinking before she learned the news.

The sad part is that Lee may no longer be with Juan, but fans on her Instagram page started slamming Lee for bewailing the man who they say had another relationship.

One person said:

He has a damn girlfriend! Damn near his wife! Why are you posting videos all over him?! Have some type of respect for his girlfriend and daughter.

Lee in her typical fashion recklessly responded:

@bagsecuredsis B—- f— you and her. Far as I know, she’s the reason he’s dead. This my n—a for life and even death. Eat it up hoe!

Bottom line, Love NEVER die when you truly love someone, even if you’re not with them.

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