Erika Jayne Husband Tom Girardi’s Bankruptcy In Danger

Erika Jayne’s Husband Tom Girardi's Bankruptcy In Danger

Erika Jayne Husband Tom Girardi’s Bankruptcy In Danger Of Being Tossed Out!

We all know that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne’s husband Tom Girardi is accused of defrauding his creditors. But now it appears that his bankruptcy is at risk of being thrown out of federal court.

Yes, that means he will have to pay up and NOT use the “I’m broke” statement to try and get out of his fraud antics. Get all the details on Erika Jayne Husband Tom Girardi’s Bankruptcy problems…

According to court documents obtained by Radar, the trustee presiding over Tom Girardi’s involuntary Chapter 7 is asking the court to deny the once-respected lawyer’s discharge, has learned.

Earlier this year, Girardi was forced into bankruptcy by his numerous creditors including his former law firm partners, ex-clients, and lenders.

His law firm is accused of owing $101 million in debt with very little in assets. Girardi is accused of running his company like a Ponzi scheme. Many of his clients claim he won big settlements for them but then never paid out the money.

Jayne is accused of helping her husband embezzle his clients’ cash and using it to fund her lavish lifestyle. The trustee presiding over the law firm bankruptcy is suing the Bravo star for the return of $25 million.

In docs, Girardi is accused of using the firm’s money to pay the bills for Jayne’s company EJ Global. His former clients believe their money was diverted to Jayne who used it on her $40k-a-month glam squad.

Now if you have watched the movie “The Other Woman” then it is possible Erika trusted Tom but had no clue that he was using her name to defraud people. She could be completely innocent since she seems to be self-absorbed about herself. The smartest thing Erika has done is file for divorce from Tom.

Anyways, in newly filed docs, the trustee is demanding the entire personal bankruptcy be thrown out and Girardi be forced to deal with his debts without the court’s protection. He accuses the now-disbarred attorney of hiding assets.

The trustee reached this conclusion after reviewing Girardi’s financial records. He claims a 2020 financial statement, provided to lenders for cash, listed a $261 million net worth.

The statement, signed by Girardi, listed $89 million in real property, $116 million in cash, $44 million in securities and another $12 million worth of jewelry.

In court, the trustee says he has thoroughly investigated the financial affairs of Girardi and many of the “items listed on the 2020 Financial Statement cannot be found or located.”

As such, the trustee believes Girardi transferred or concealed assets in the past year before the bankruptcy was filed. Jayne’s husband has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

Has anyone checked the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas? Those are two common places where rich people hide their money to defraud the government.

Girardi and Jayne are still facing accusations he embezzled $2 million from a group of orphans and widows. – Radar

Erika Jayne continues to deny knowledge of her husband’s financial dealings and has refused to return a dime.

Where is the apology to the people he defrauded???