Evelyn Lozada Giving Up Premarital Sex After Being Baptized

Evelyn Lozada Giving Up Premarital Sex Following Baptismal

Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada Baptized and vows that she is giving up premarital sex!

That’s correct y’all Evelyn Lozada is giving up premarital sex after all of the drama that played out between her and OG Chijindu this past season. Read on…

Evelyn Lozada Giving Up Premarital Sex Following Baptismal

CelebNReality247.com reports that Evelyn Lozada took to Instagram with a photo of herself being reborn in Christ with a baptism at Freedom church.

The newly baptized woman Evelyn Lozada said:

This journey though personal is also about staying true to who I am, who HE is and what truly feeds my soul,” Evelyn captioned the pic.

If you recall, Evelyn previously gave her life to Christ after her split from Chad Johnson in 2013 under the guidance of life coach Tony Gaskins, Jr.

In addition to getting Baptized, Evelyn told BallerAlert that she’s given up premarital sex and will wait till marriage to consummate her next relationship.

Damn, it seems that OG’s comments about her pum pum truly had an effect on Lozada.

Evelyn Lozada Giving Up Premarital Sex Following Baptismal

Evelyn said to BallerAlert:

I felt like… those [past] relationships, I lost a piece of me, every time I had sex [out of wedlock]. Whether they’re interested in me or not with what my journey is, if they’re not with it, then I feel like it kinda clears out the BS, so that’s what I want for my life.

She also divulged that she’s not worried about falling astray from her celibacy journey considering that she didn’t have sex for a year following her split from fiance Carl Crawford.

Now, you will see a more confident and reborn Evelyn Lozada on “Basketball Wives” after they start filming at the top of 2020.

Evelyn Lozada explains:

As a woman, a mother, somebody that’s trying to accomplish things at life, I know I have to do better with how I respond to certain situations. This season whenever we start filming it’s going to be the real true facts because me getting baptized and really wanting to do it for God in the right way, it’s going to be not easy. But I’m determined to pass the test.

She debunked naysayers who think her new Christian lifestyle is a publicity stunt saying:

Everyone’s going to have an opinion and say negative things, and that’s fine. I just feel like all I can do is really just do the best I can and stay focused on what I’m trying to accomplish and do with my life. I’m not living my life for Instagram, Facebook, I’m living my life for my family, my kids, and God. Something was missing, it was on my heart, it was on my mind to get Baptized. My soul needed something positive.

We wish her the best in life and in her new personal spiritual journey.

Now that OG is coming back for another season this will be the true test if Evelyn’s ways will change?

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