Ex-Black Ink Crew Chicago’s Lily Comments on Charmaine Jessica Feud

Ex-Black Ink Crew Chicago’s Lily Comments on Charmaine Jessica Feud!

During Black Ink Chicago Confessions Charmaine and Jessica Simpson caught arguing over a failed business relationship.

When it comes to Charmaine and now FIRED co-star Lily Barrios, she can’t stop complaining about Mrs.Neek Bey. Continue on since Lily comments on nemesis Charmaine and Jessica Feud…


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CelebnReality247.com has the latest tea on Black Ink Crew Chicago” Lily who decided to comment on the Charmaine and Jessica Feud

See, Charmaine has her own shop in Chicago with her own drama since Ryan Henry changed up on her and FIRED her from 9Mag.

Things have worked out for Charmaine, she hired Jessica to help run the Second Ink Tattoo shop, but things fell apart when she also hired Ms Kitty. Both were set to manage the shop, but Jess and Kit did not get along. That led to Charmaine and Jessica falling out because she took issue with the fact that Jessica was trying to dictate who she hired. Since both women couldn’t agree on how they could salvage their business relationship and move forward, Jessica decided to go back to London.

Jess would eventually change her mind. But the pandemic caused everyone to shut down their businesses. Although it seemed as if Jessica and Charmaine had gotten past their issues, apparently, they aren’t in a good place as of now. This came up during the recent “Black Ink Crew Chicago” special.

After a clip of their argument at the special was posted on social media, former cast member Lily had something to say. And Charmaine was surprised to see Jessica was in support of this.

A clip of Charmaine and Jessica arguing at the “Black Ink Crew Confessions” was posted. (above)

Lily Barrios wrote:

LMFAOOOOO I blame production for letting Wendy Williams twin run wild with these d*mn fake ownerships lol…That girl the biggest p*ssy look at her acting tough and sh*t. LMFAOOO.

Jessica then responded to Lily’s comment with:

@tat2lily I love you!

Ex-Black Ink Crew Chicago's Lily Still FIRING SHOTS At Charmaine