Family Therapy: Is Tiffany Pollard Pregnant

Dr Jenn's Family Therapy is Tiffany Pollard Pregnant

Tonight on Dr Jenn’s Family Therapy the big question  is Tiffany Pollard Pregnant while her mother Sister Patterson continues to be rude, obnoxious and stand offish with everyone!?!

What we’ve learned is that if it’s not Sister Patterson‘s way then it doesn’t exist, is Tiffany Pollard Pregnant has everyone shocked tonight on the flip…

Dr Jenn's Family Therapy is Tiffany Pollard Pregnant

If you’re like us, tonight of Dr Jenn’s Family Therapy was another jaw dropping episode and one of the best in all of her seasons, but the its Sister Patterson vs Tiffany Pollard that has us tuned in.

We have to say Sister Patterson and Tiffany Pollard need a show of their own, because these two are the epitome of dysfunctional family.

Sister Patterson is probably one of the most stubborn women we’ve ever endured, that is on TV. But she is so rude and outright apprehensive when going through the process of therapy its a joke. Sister Patterson obviously has baggage until the cows come home, but she is denying to realize that she is bossy, controlling, manipulative and loves to throw guilt at Tiffany to get her way.

Tonight Sister Patterson told Tiffany to go enjoy dinner with her friends because “she’ll be dead soon.”

Who says that?

Being from an Italian family we know Italian guilt, because Italian invented that shit, but OMG, really Sister Patterson?

This woman continues the piss us off, because she is twisting the knife slowly in New York’s back. Tiffany has been scared to stand up to her mother for years, but not tonight, she finally does it and screams “I’m In crisis” during therapy. It’s the first time her mother breaks into tears, but when asked about her feelings she shuts down.

Tiffany Pollard Pregnant is the big question, but what makes her think there’s a bun in the oven?

She says she missed her friend and she’s been nauseated and sick to her stomach. But it was during therapy when the shocking announcement took everyone b surprise!

Tiffany also reveals that she might be pregnant during therapy. And if you’ve been watching her mother already threatened her saying, “if you ever have a baby, I’m taking it, The baby will be mine.”

Once again, who says that?

Sister Patterson has a screw loose or she did step out of the movie Carrie from 1976. We all remember how crazy and religious she was. Carrie ended up doing away with her with about a dozen or two knives. That was a movie, but seeing how Sister Patterson asks we wonder if the character was based on her?

Anyways, Dr Jenn has Tiffany take a pregnancy test and the  result is. “YES” Tiffany Pollard is pregnant!

Plot Twist!

Watch and find out is Tiffany Pollard Pregnant?

Other events that happen tonight is that, we pick up where we left off with Michael vs Dina Lohan. Dr Jenn asks her why she is doing therapy and all Dina can say is, “I’m doing it to tell my story.”

What beeoch?

“Tell what story”? First Dina NEEDS to wake up to the fact that she is a compulsive liar, stole money from her daughter Lindsay Lohan and forced her way on to TV because the thirst is real!

Dina wants to be famous so bad, she do “whatever it takes,” a statement you NEVER want to say when getting into entertainment, because that will lead you to a road you can turn back on. Do what you NEED to do, but NEVER, whatever. Dina will get put of full EXPOSURE next week as will Sister Patterson.

The other standout moment was we got to see Dame Dash younger brother shirtless while working out! YUM!

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Until next week…