FBoy Island 2: 9 Nice Guys + 9 Fboys Already GONE

FBoy Island 2: 9 Nice Guys + 9 Fboys Already GONE

FBoy Island 2: 9 Nice Guys + 9 Fboys Already GONE!

Their dropping like flies!

We are already six episodes in when it comes to FBoy Island, one of this summer guilty pleasures on HBO Max has already lost 9 Fboys and 9 Nice Guys…

CelebnReality247.com who has been glued to watching FBoy Island wants to point out that Mia is the one girl in the house who has been peeking off Nice Guys leftand right.

She has a knack to only like FBoys. Mia is a horrible judge of character when it comes to guys. She likes those bad boy tendencies that will treat her like crap.

We just wanna ask, “girl, how can’t you see the BS being spewed at your face?”

As for Louise Barnard and Tamaris Sepulveda, these two can see the BS coming, well for the most part.

Tamaris is the best and ridding FBoys this season. And lets be real, its a bit easier to pick which guys are FBoys and who are Nice Guys. The nice guys are never seen on the show until they are eliminated.

As for the FBoys, they are telling us in the outtakes.

Last season, the guys hid their intentions and if they were FBoys or Nice Guys better. And the show was filmed better the first season. This year it seems a bit more set up, and having Garrett in Limbro was whack.

It would have been better to bring Garrett in the house for one day to stir the pot and leave. We are still not fans of his, and he still leaves an arrogant bad taste in out mouth.

If he was the last guy on the planet, I would go straight.

And what’s up with Aaron NOT speaking. We have never heard his voice on this season and he had a date, which wasn’t seen because it being boring. And we didn’t hear his voice during the elimination either. What’s up with that producers?

As for Casey, he is easy on the eyes, and we love him. It would be cool to see him win over Tamaris this season since it obviously didn’t work out with Casey Johnson.

See which Nice Guys + FBoys are already GONE: