Fetty Wap Apologizes To Masika Kalysha

Fetty Wap

Remember when Fetty Wap denied he impregnated former LHHH star Masiska, well now, Fetty Wap Apologizes To Masika Kalysha!!!

CelebNMusic247.com has the latest dish from CelebNReality247.com who learned that the former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star is finally getting vindicated…


Fetty Wap

After months of back and forth online arguing and being dubbed Petty Way, the one-eyed rapper finally maned up and decided to apologize to the mother of his child!

Wow, that took a long while!

Fetty Wap started off saying:

“Everything may not b okay but I want what’s best for the baby so I apologize ?”

When Masika caught wind of the apology she replied.

“Thank you… Me and baby appreciate the apology.”


Let’s hope for the best, because we recently reported that Masika Kalysha is heading back to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season 3. Apparently the drama had already started when LHHH 3 cameras caught Masika being upset that Fetty didn’t show up for her baby shower. Masika already has a new man, and RUMORS claim that he is NOT feeling Petty Way at all!

Let’s hope these two can at least be civil and are able to co-parent. Fetty get your money up bro, because child support payments will be starting shortly!

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