Garrett Morosky Found Love on FBoy Island With FBoy

Garrett Morosky Found Love on FBoy Island With FBoy

Garrett Morosky Found Love on FBoy Island With FBoy!

Now when we say Garrett Morosky found love we are revealing his love is a bromance with CJ, you know the one who claims he was falling in love with CJ Franco. reports that CJ (Casey Johnson) was a fan favorite when he and CJ Franco relationship continues to blossom on the HBO Max reality dating series.

But when Fboy Island star CJ wanted to teach a Casey Johnson a lesson by putting him in the bottom, it backfired and he was eliminated. It was at that point she learned her love interest was a certified FBoy.

The reason why model Franco put Casey in the bottom was for his continued support of Garrett Morosky, the FBoy villain of the series.

Since the series has wrapped, Garrett Morosky and Casey Johnson’s bromance has blossomed.

Casey Johnson is now living with Garrett as they planed after the series. Both FBoys are living in Los Angeles.

Garrett Morosky took to social media to speak on his man crush for Casey. He has even nicknamed their bromance with Gasey.

He writes:

When I first met @caseyis___ it was in quarantine down in the Cayman Islands. Honestly bro I thought you were a goof. Then after calling each others room every day for 18 days straight and scheming about @fboyisland you reminded me so much of my little cousin. You have a huge heart and you literally had me peeing laughing the entire time we were filming. You even taught me some things about myself that I was never aware of. You hold me accountable to be a better human and for that I will always have your back ? #FBoyIsland #GASEY